Monday, October 8, 2007

Anecdote heard on television, like, retelling:

Worth man on the street smoking.
Suitable to the girl said: “Hello, we have a poll on smoking. How long have you been smoking?
Yes, Silva, 30 years already chosen.
Female-Yes, it is interesting, interesting, ah what the health hazards... A number of smoking cigarettes a day?
Forty-Hmmm, stack 2 a day
Female - Yap, yap interesting. Take calculator, something it considers that said, you know, that if you are not smoking, the money saved could buy this skyscraper?
Forty - Here you smoke?
Female - No.
Forty-A skyscraper you have?
Female – Hee, hee, hee. No:)
Forty-But I smoke and skyscraper this MY!

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double-cajun said...

huehuehue...nice anecdote! isnt it! so funny *lol*