Thursday, August 28, 2008

Twin Cigarette Lighter Adapter with USB Port

Ever needed to plug in your mobile car charger, Bluetooth headset car charger or portable CD player at the same time?

Well the Twin Cigarette Lighter Adapter with USB Port from Mobile Fun provides the solution.

It simply plugs into your existing cigarette lighter socket and splits it into two standard sockets and one USB charging socket, giving you the freedom to plug in two car chargers and a USB charger.


  • 1.7 metre extension cable to position the adapter in the most convenient position.
  • Supports 12 & 24 volt power supplies.


jimi said...

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Unknown said...

Twin Cigarette Lighter Adapter can use the MP3 and other small appliances at the sametime. Solving the problem that when pluging the MP3 and other small appliances, you can not use the point butts distress.Suitable for powering and charging electronic devices including Cell Phones, GPS, PDA, iPod, MP3 Players, Cameras, Video Games, etc. This is suitable for running two 12v accessories from One Socket.

Source : USB Car Cigarette Lighter