Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cigarettes style in Dog life

Ages ago people didn’t wear any clothes, covering their intimate places with leaves or animal skin. But, time goes on, and nowadays we can’t exist without clothes.

What about our canine friends?

Sometimes we treat them like people, because they understand us and it’s difficult to keep in mind that they are animals, especially its difficult task for lonely people.

They always need to talk to somebody. Who hasn’t dress pets in clothes? I think it happened at least once.

Animals don’t mind, they maybe want to be among those, whom they love.

This pic demonstrates us how people want to humanize a dog. The cigarette in the dog’s jaws indicates us his master’s preferences.

Cigarette became an essential part in the life of people. The dog poses and doesn’t mind, as we can see.

The photo is really cool!

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